Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from The Main Event!

The year has well and truly started off for us, with planning underway for a number of projects, including the RaboDirect Rugby Season and the Melbourne Business Awards. Granted, it was nice to have a short break and shut the doors for a few days over the Xmas period, as it has given us a chance to regroup and get ready for another big year.

As we go operational with our events in February, this month has been set aside for “planning” and “processes” to make sure we are on track for the months ahead.

Why is this important? Well I believe the key to any business is systems and processes, it is not always about reinventing the wheel it is about using a wheel (process) that works and adding tweaks to make the wheel work even better, every time. So January for us is about tweaking our wheels here at The Main Event and answering the question we have been getting for a while “How do we do what we do?”

Over the coming month we will be sharing some of our Event Secrets with you via fortnightly blogs and updates on our Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as revamping our Website.  And just between you and me, we are going to be launching an exciting new product………… but keep that one quiet.

Also while I am at it welcoming everyone to a new exciting year ahead, if there are event related questions floating around in your mind, we would love to hear from you. I would say each of us at some stage or another during the year put on an event of some kind, so what would be your biggest frustration?

Or some of you may have your own small business and are thinking about running an event, do you know where to start? It would be great to hear from you and help you get the ball rolling …….

Add your comments in the box below or email us at

Thanks for reading and Cheers to 2013 being the best year yet!!