How to run your event successfully every time

Over the last few weeks I have had the pleasure of attending a number of different events, from small networking events to workshops, seminars, business meetings, exhibitions, sporting events, even a webinar, not to mention the events that The Main Event has been involved with.

Yes I have had a busy month!!

Although that’s not why I am writing this … all these events in a small amount of time got me thinking, some of these were great events and some were OK, some kept my attention the entire time and some were missing something!

And that “something” was not the content, topic, location or the people at the event, but the organisation of the event itself. The small touches that make people feel special, included and that their precious time was well spent  … I am not just talking about one type of event here, this goes for all types of events!

Everyone has busy lives these days, we hear it all the time, therefore when we choose to spend our time attending an event we actually want it to be worth it, we want to walk away with a positive experience.

Now, in all cases not everyone who attends an event is going to be satisfied with the content or what they thought they were going to get from attending – and you are never going to be able to control that aspect of your event. However, I know from personal experience in running events for 17+ years (hmmm maybe even a bit longer) and also attending countless events, it is often the little things that CAN be controlled that people remember – good & bad.

To understand exactly what I mean, and to demonstrate my point, I have given you two very different experiences of attending a workshop event.

Have a read and see if you can relate ……

*** Zoe decides to attend a workshop because the topic on the flyer interests her. She goes online and books her ticket with ease. She is then sent an email with a welcome note, additional information about the speaker and directions to the venue. The day prior to the event she is sent a email reminder and information on parking.

On the day, Zoe follows the direction provided, arrives at the venue and follows the printed signs to the workshop room where she is greeted by a happy host who takes down her details and gives Zoe a name badge. The host then gives her directions to the bathroom, tells her where she can get water and a coffee and explains the workshop will start on time in 10 minutes.

The workshop starts right on time and the presenter gives an overview of the day – including what time breaks will be, what time the workshop will finish and an idea of the topic for each segment. She also gets the people in the room to introduce themselves to others around them, as it is a small group…………

***Mary decides to attend a workshop because the topic on the flyer interests her. She goes online to book her ticket. After spending 10 minutes trying to book online she finally calls the number on the flyer for help, a lady answer the phone and says the system is down and she will have to book tomorrow. As Mary is very interested in the workshop she tries again the following day (even though she is already wondering if she should go)

On the second attempt she is able to book her ticket, although she has to call up and ask for a receipt and confirm it actually worked.

On the day, after getting lost on the way Mary arrives at the venue and has to ask two people which room the workshop is being held in. After finally finding the room she arrives exactly at the time the workshop was due to start and sees a number of people sitting in the room. Assuming she is in the right place because of a sign on stage Mary takes a seat. After about 10minutes the speaker takes the stage and launches into the content of the workshop (10 minutes late) ………

 Choose your own adventure as to the endings…..

What do you think of Zoe and Mary’s experiences?

What do you think each of them would say about the workshop?

Regardless of what the workshop was about or if they liked and related to the content the experiences each of these two had would make or break what they thought of the event and whether they would recommend it to someone else.

So what I am really trying to say to you all out there is – when you are holding an event set yourself and your event up for success!! Plan every aspect that you can to ensure your audience will rave and talk about your event in a positive way regardless of whether or not they liked the content.

I trust I have got you thinking……. What type of experiences have you had at an event? I would love to know……

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